Birth Control

Birth Control

Note: Although abstinence is the most effective method in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, we provide referrals to organizations who create a safe environment for our students.  Based on the diverse population of students at Georgia Tech, we are happy to meet with any student to discuss specific needs and identify the best resource possible.

Women's Clinic
Open hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm
Phone: 404.894.1434
Location: 740 Ferst Drive

The Georgia Tech Women's Clinic, located on the second floor of the Stamps Health Services provides a wide range of affordable services that respond to women's health needs. Routine exams are provided by a women's health nurse practitioner.

A reminder that we do provide "morning after" or emergency contraception and that this must be done on a walk-in basis either through Women's Clinic or the walk-in system (triage) on the first floor for medical reasons.

We will also consult with all Georgia Tech Students to meet the needs of our diverse population.

Feminist Women's Health Center
1924 Cliff Valley Way, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
404-728-7900 (Clinic)
404-248-5445 (Administrative Offices)

The Feminist Women's Health Center is Atlanta's only non-profit comprehensive women's health facility, advocating all choices for all women. The Center provides gynecological health care in an environment sensitive to the needs of all women. The Center also provides community education and advocacy in addition to numerous volunteer opportunities. The Center also offers The Chrysalis Project (for young lesbian, bisexual or questioning women, 18 to 29 yrs) and the Young Women's Leadership Project The Center believes that personal empowerment begins with information and leads to women listening to their own voices, to make their own decisions.

Planned Parenthood
75 Piedmont Ave., NW, Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone 404-688-9300

For forty years, Planned Parenthood has been providing health and educational services to the women and men of Georgia. Services include gynecological services, anonymous HIV AIDS testing, birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy tests and options counseling, STI tests and FIRST Line, an after-hours counseling line. If you have questions or need information, call from 7:00-11:00 p.m. every night to speak with a counselor. Referrals are available for most areas in Georgia.
In Atlanta, call 404-659-HELP
In Georgia, call toll free 1-800-264-7154